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Toyota Used Hilux Japan Sale Offer

Maker : Toyota
Date : 2010/09/30
From : Papua New Guinea

Mr. Susami

Thank you for re-sending the shipping documents. I received the car without problems today. I will register my car tomorrow.

I really appreciate your service.


Isuzu 2ton Used Box Body Truck

Maker : Isuzu
Date : 2009/07/16
From : New Zealand

Good Morning Atsuo,

I have just received the ELF Box Body. It seems a good vehicle. I cant get the reversing camera to work, but overall I am very happy with the condition.

Have you any fresh stock??


Isuzu Elf 3ton Highdeck Truck Offer Sale Japanese Truck

Maker : Isuzu
Date : 2007/09/14
From : Turks and Caicos

Hello Atsuo,

I finally took delivery of my truck, although it took a few scratches on it’s voyage, Broken mirror, bent in front bumper, two dead batteries and scratches on the front paint… overall, it’s a nice truck.

The engine sounds great and it drives nice. I put new tires on it last as soon as it arrived.

Thank you; I will be buying another truck from you when I see your website inventory increase with more choices.


Mr. J

Isuzu Elf 2ton Highdeck Truck

Maker : Isuzu
Date : 2006/01/10
From : Zimbabwe


Please be notified that the truck arrived in Harare, Zimbabwe. I am told that it is a good truck. Thank you for your business and we hope to do business with you again in the future.

Have a prosperous 2006.

All the best